About the Ohio Mission Region

Who are we and why do we exist?

The Ohio Mission Region (OMR) was formed on May 9, 2015 as a way to maintain state-wide unity when the former Ohio Mission District split into it's current 5 districts.

What is a "Mission District"?

The mission districts of Ohio are some of the many mission districts organized by the NALC for the purpose of...

... collaboration to fulfill most effectively the ministry and mission of the NALC, normally based on common geographic boundaries. Such organization shall be done in consultation with the Bishop and subject to the approval of the Executive Council. Each regional group of congregations shall adopt appropriate governing documents that are consistent with the governing documents and practice of the NALC and shall include election of a Dean, adoption of a budget and provision for supervision, mutual support of member congregations and procedures necessary for carrying out its mission and ministry.

Taken from the NALC website

Map of the Ohio Mission Region

Currently the Ohio Mission Region is divided into 5 Mission Districts as marked on the map below. The red dots represent the locations of NALC congregations within those districts. Clicking on the map will bring up a much larger version which can be read more easily. Hovering on the location markers on the large map will pop up the names of the churches. Clicking on the location markers on the large map will link to their website (if one exists).