Ohio Mission Region Convocation - 2015

"Claiming the Promise"

This was the last Ohio Mission District Convocation where the district was split into five districts

The Convocation was held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Ashland, Ohio on May 9, 2015. The keynote speaker was Bishop John Bradosky.

  • Beautiful windows welcomed us
  • Morning sun made the windows glow
  • Reminding us why we're here
  • The center of attention
  • An empty pulpit waiting to deliver a message
  • Gathering for opening worship
  • Opening worship begins
  • Singing hymns
  • Pastor Alan Knoke delivers a message...
  • ... where we've been...
  • ... and what's promised if we are willing to move forward.
  • Gathering for the opening meeting
  • Talking with the bishop
  • Getting ready to start the meeting
  • OMD Dean Alan Knoke explains why we must change.
  • Pastor Paul Larson adds clarification to the process
  • Pastor Don Allman addresses the meeting
  • Breaking for lunch and fellowship
  • Bishop's Closing Keynote
  • Leading Closing Worship
  • Praying before installation
  • Installation of all 5 district councils
  • North West Ohio Mission District Council
  • North Central Ohio Mission District Councill
  • North Eastern Ohio Mission District Council
  • South Western Ohio Mission District Council
  • All of the District Councils with the Bishop
  • All Ohio Deans & Bishop Bradosky
  • jquery photo gallery
  • A reminder of the scriptural basis of our Lutheran beliefs as we leave Trinity
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