Listed in the Contacts Web App

A note about the OMR Congregations:

The Ohio Mission Region (OMR) is comprised of the member districts of Ohio. All congregations which are members of any of the Ohio Mission Districts are included in this list. The Mission District for each is noted and the list can be filtered or sorted by individual mission district or by any of the data fields included in the app. Emails and websites are clickable.

♦ If you are simply accessing the web app to look for information, you do not need to log in. Use the guest link provided in the login screen.
♦ To sort the list, click on the title of the field you want to sort by (such as district).
♦ Click on a title a second time to sort in the reverse direction (A-Z to Z-A).
♦ Use the other search and filtering options to find the congregation you are looking for more quickly.
♦ The grid is resizeable by dragging the lines if a column displays too narrow.
♦ There is a button to show or hide columns if there are too many showing (or something seems missing).
♦ If there is more than one pastor for a congregation, the contact information is for the first one listed.
♦ NOTE: The built in PDF function is not working, but you can print as you would any web page.

Those who will be maintaining the congregational data for their districts will be given a username and password which will allow them to edit the information in the list. If you see an error or information which needs to be updated, please contact the web manager at, your district dean, or any of the district council members who have access to edit the data..