Ohio Mission Region Convocation - 2018

"Beyond Our Fears"

The Convocation was held at Grace Lutheran Church in Westerville, Ohio on May 5, 2018.

Ohio Mission Region Gathering

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Pastor Gemechis Buba

Prayer in Ephesians 6 with Dr. Gemechis Buba at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Westerville

Posted by Jenny Brockman on Saturday, May 5, 2018

The OMR received this "Thank You Gift" from the Oromo church in Columbus for helping with their
capital drive which enabled them to purchase property and a new facility.
Oromo Thank You Gift


Prayer: Beyond our fears Led by Jack Walker – "Jane" just shared with you a burdensome trial that she is facing. What do you do? It's easy to say, "I will be praying for you." After this session, you will be emboldened to go beyond our fears and say, "Would you mind if I prayed with you right now?"
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Sharing Our Faith: Beyond our fears Led by Pastor Jeff Morlock – Evangelism and discipleship don’t have to be intimidating. Discover a natural way to build intentional kingdom relationships with neighbors, coworkers, and others who don’t know Jesus. Learn about the role of prayer and the Holy Spirit in outreach. Invest in others by inviting, listening and caring, building trust, and giving a reason for the Hope that you have.
Leader's Guide (Word format)        Leader's Guide (PDF)        Handout (Word format)        Handout (PDF)       
Fears of the Flock: Beyond our fears Led by Pastor Daniel M. Powell – Pastor Daniel M. Powell Research indicates there are more than 365 Bible verses related to ‘fear’…enough to read one each day of the year. Clearly, the Good Shepherd does not want His ‘flock’ to be afraid…yet, ‘the flock’ has fears. Hymn #476 in The Lutheran Book of Worship is: ‘Have no fear, little flock’…yet, ‘the flock’ has fears. In this workshop we will identify and address our fears, specifically related to discipleship, through the ‘lens’ of arguably the most popular 6-verses in Holy Scripture. You are invited to attend this workshop. After-all, ‘What are you afraid of?”
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I’m Just A …: Beyond our fears Led by Pastors Bob Quaintance and Bill Maki – How many times have you thought, “How can God use me, I’m just a....” (fill in the blank)? This workshop will address those feelings of inadequacy and show how God can use the talents you have and supply what you need to further the kingdom. No talent is too small or obscure for God to put to use in his Kingdom. When God calls, how will you answer?
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