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Connecting talents with needs

We have many talented and gifted individuals in our mission district who are willing to serve God by putting those talents and gifts to use.
If you would like to offer your service by adding your gifts, talents, knowledge or experience to the list for this mission district or for the region, please email the webmaster at

Ohio Mission Region Pulpit Supply Compensation Guidelines

 - approved July 8, 2016    
Compensation is based on mileage and number of services. 
- The compensation is the same for either clergy or lay and will include both preaching and leading the liturgy.  Other negotiated expenses need to be discussed for those who have to spend a night in a hotel or have special situations.
- Mileage:  congregations will pay for round-trip mileage at the IRS rate when all services are on the same day
- Compensation: 
       - $135 for one service;
       - $75 for a second service; 
       - $50 for each additional service.