Stewardship through the Ohio Mission Region

Why give to the OMR?

The Ohio Mission Region (OMR) exists to coordinate state-wide efforts that go beyond what the individual mission districts in Ohio can accomplish on their own. These include supporting Navigators program grants, Seminary grants, the annual Ohio Mission Region Convocation, and other endeavors as determined by the OMR council and/or requested by the mission districts of Ohio.

Who should give to the OMR?

Congregations should give to their respective mission districts at the same level that they had previously given to the Ohio Mission District (or $100 minimum per year if no precedent has been set). The budgets of the individual mission districts have been formulated based on prior giving levels of member congregations to the former OMD.

If a congregation sends a check to the OMR, the OMR treasurer will, by policy of the OMR, pass the check along to the appropriate mission district dean or treasurer.

Is there a guideline for how much congregations or mission districts should donate?

Again, congregations should give to theirown mission districts rather than to the Ohio Mission Region. The five mission districts of Ohio would then (after 2016-2017) support the OMR. The Convocation will be self-funded through registrations, however, the Navigators grants will be funded through the OMR (for the forseeable future). Additionally, future statewide endeavors may be funded through the OMR which will necessitate donations from the individual mission districts toward those endeavors.